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lisa bixler

A Note From Lisa Bixler...

Before moving to Texas, I lived in Colorado for a long time. I had moved there for architecture school and liked it so much I ended up staying. The years just flew by. At one point, I had saved up some money and decided it was time to buy my first home. I found a realtor and we started looking at condominiums.

One day, he told me we were going to check out a unit in one of the most exclusive parts of town.  ‘How can that be?’ I thought. ‘How could I afford that?’ 

That neighborhood wasn’t even on my radar. 

The high rise building and common areas were beautiful. It seemed too good to be true … and it was. 

I should have known. As soon as the realtor unlocked the door to the unit and I stepped inside, my heart sank.

The more I walked around, the worse I felt. The place screamed ‘an old person lives here!’

It wasn’t just the décor. That would have meant simple cosmetic changes.

The deal breaker – and my budget breaker – was the assortment of institutional-looking putty colored grab bars arbitrarily attached throughout the place. 

We could barely access the kitchen or bathroom without bumping into some –– there were so many. 

How could I possibly live in that space, much less invite my friends over? The idea of redoing both rooms just to be able to function was too much.

After spending less than five minutes inside, I crossed that place off my list.

Several years later while attending a conference in Texas, a sign outside a seminar room caught my eye –– it announced a presentation on aging-in-place.

I had never heard the phrase aging-in-place before but immediately thought of my dad. At the time, my father was dealing with some long-term health issues and facing permanent mobility challenges. Maybe I could learn something that would help him, I thought, and made a last-minute decision to switch my schedule.

That decision changed my life for the better and I hope to do the same for yours.

My first step was to become a Certified-Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) through the National Association of Home Builders.

That training provided a great foundation in the various functional solutions available, though as architect I couldn’t help but think about the aesthetics too.

There had to be a way to combine the comfort of aging-in-place with the same level of style and aesthetic that people want in their homes throughout their lives.

I decided to develop a total approach to invisibly prepare a home for successful living in place.

The result is our Invisible Design Lifestyle Plan™.

No ugly bars.

Instead, we like to offer hope, excitement, and confidence.

We help you create an environment that fits your unique lifestyle and vision for the second half of your life AND add value to one of your largest assets in the process.

Keep your lifestyle…keep your family together…keep your money in the family

When you are Invisibly Prepared, YOUR life stays with YOU!