How We Work

We start every project by creating your Future Blueprint ™, a complete picture and that fits the unique needs of your household, outlining your goals and the necessary tools and steps to achieve them

Working this way allows you to achieve the results you want without having to choose between aesthetics and function. It also allows you to remain in better control of your budget and timeline.

Because you will have clarity about what you want and understand how to get there, you will communicate more effectively with your design and construction team, meaning fewer changes that result in expensive delays.

By taking time to plan, you save time - and money - during design and construction.

The Steps

You complete our GOALS VALUES AND LIFESTYLE ASSESSMENT to help us understand what’s most important to all members of your household

We do a GAP ANALYSIS REVIEW to zero in on considerations and misalignments that the assessment reveals – things that you would not have otherwise noticed until it was too late

We meet with you to discuss the results, help you resolve goals, and crystallize your vision

We combine that information with our knowledge and experience in Invisible Design and create your customized FUTURE BLUEPRINT ™

Now you’re ready to start design and construction with clarity and confidence!  We guide you through the rest of the Invisible Design Lifestyle Plan™ process, offering a choice of service options depending on your needs and budget.

The Results

You will be less stressed because the various needs of everyone in your household are being addressed – everyone feels “heard” – and because you’ve gone from frustrated and confused about your options to empowered by a manageable strategy that you created with our help.

Your financial planner will be better equipped to offer you more targeted advice because the Blueprint becomes a part of your overall retirement planning strategy.

Your money stays in your family (vs. going to the family of an assisted living director)

 You will have more money to pass down to your kids because your home will increase in value after the alterations.