About Lisa

lisa bixler

There’s a question architect Lisa Bixler dedicates her life to answering. The question is, how to make a home evolve with the needs of the people who live there? Often, this means developing innovative ways to use space differently and better than before.

In 2014, she founded her practice, LKB Architecture, in Houston, Texas, to do exactly that. The firm specializes in lifelong homes, aging-in-place remodels and senior housing. She has her bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations from Bucknell University, studied design at the Cooper Union and earned her master’s in architecture from the University of Colorado.

A first generation American, Lisa spent her early years with three generations of family often living for months at a time in one small house. It was a festive gathering place for extended family and friends as well. Even as a kid, she recalls, “I wanted to know, how do we fit 20 people in here?” That’s why family traditions, roots and connection to the larger community remain core to Lisa. They are a consideration in everything she designs.

Her mindfulness ensures that the most joy-filled aspects of life, and the accompanying space requirements, are central to the housing plans she develops for seniors. This is true whether aging in place or downsizing, moving to a new home at the lake or entering an assisted living facility. Lisa has worked in commercial, institutional and residential architecture, and her first goal has always been design that helps people feel good.

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